Dapper Day at Magic Kingdom

If you’re a sucker for nostalgia and Disney, do yourself a favor and visit Magic Kingdom on Dapper Day. Picture yourself standing on Main Street USA, surrounded by hundreds of people dressed in their best early twentieth century garb. Boater hats, tweed, heels, and long dresses, the Dapper Dans are serenading the passing crowds with their Barbershop medleys, you’re instantly teleported to an era time has forgotten. The backdrop of it all is Walt Disney’s ideal recreation of his 1920s Marceline, MO Main Street.  

The vibe at Dapper Day is super happy and photographically speaking, the park takes on a life of it's own.  Golden hour on Main Street brings out these beautifully vibrants colors that contrast perfectly with the brick walls and the creamy white architectural accents.


The bi-annual event takes place at Disneyland and Walt Disney World in both spring and fall, and, if you're lucky enough to visit, they hold a Dapper Day Expo and event at Disneyland Paris as well (#dreams...). For more info, check out dapperday.com

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Weekend Adventures

I love spending the weekends with my wife.  

I married my best friend and I find a lot of joy in doing mundane things with her.  Yes, I love Disney trips, but something as simple as grabbing breakfast and going to a secondhand store brings me just as much happiness.  

We checked out Honeybee Doughnuts for the first time... it was delicious... I had their Apple Pie Doughnut, because why wouldn't you? Christy's chocolate and sprinkles doughnut was solid, but her Churro pick was the winner.  It was ridiculously good, borderline sinful, absolutely perfect.

 Honeybee Doughnuts

Honeybee Doughnuts

After a failed attempt at Goodwill, we drove a block east and gave Miami Twice a shot. I don’t know why but I was under the impression that I’d been in there with Christy before, to my surprise, this was her first time diving into the time capsule known as Miami Twice. Needless to say, we both went home with something. Christy found the coolest looking dress and I’m now the proud owner of and all brass PanAm pen.

 Outfit hunting - Miami Twice

Outfit hunting - Miami Twice

The weekend was perfect and I look forward to all the adventures I’ve got coming my way, both big and small.  

That’s it for now.

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Let's try this again...

It's been a year and a half since I started working at Leica Store Miami.  I've picked up a lot of knowledge and have had the opportunity to play with some of the highest quality image making tools on the planet.  I wanted to share some of the pictures I've made and some of the thoughts I've had while using this gear.  I'm still sticking to Analog photography but I've decided to give digital the chance it deserves,  it'd be interesting to see what come out of what I've learned from Analog photography plus whatever digital techniques I've picked up while working at Leica.  

First one in 7 years

For the first time since my darkroom days at FIU, I developed a roll of film at home.  

My dive back into film has sparked a renaissance within me, making me feel so much more refreshed and challenged with photography.  I'm finally pushing myself daily to shoot and get the most out of my art.

Developing black & white film at a lab has turned into an expensive and annoying ordeal.  $10 and a 3-5 day wait wasn't cutting it anymore.  I had a roll of Kodak Tri-X that I shot back in October just sitting on my desk and I decided it was time... time to finish this journey back to my photographic roots.

I have to say, there's something so absolutely rewarding about loading, shooting, developing, and scanning your film.  The smell of fixer, hanging the negatives to dry, and that small feeling of pride within you after seeing your images on the screen.  

I'm hooked... again.

She Said Yes

Like I had any doubts...... Seriously, last Saturday March 21, my parter, muse, and best friend said yes to marrying me.  I'm extremely excited to start this adventure with her.

I'm an extremely lucky guy.

Here are some photos from that day

Why Photography...

Photography has been an ongoing, nagging, sometimes annoying passion that I can't seem to shake off.  No matter what I do, it's always there, in the back of my head.  That little voice telling me "That's a cool photo" when I see something that catches my attention.  Often this voice manifests itself either verbally or swiftly through the click of my shutter.  For the last 4 months I've decided to carry a camera with me everywhere... and i mean everywhere... and it has seriously been a blessing.  Needless to say I'm often encountered with the quizzical look on people's faces as to why I have a camera on me, but I shrug it away and go on with my purpose.  I want to capture the world, my world to be exact.  And of course this is the notion that every street or documentary photographer carries, but to me, it has become my mission.  Every single human on this planet lives a unique life and leaves a unique imprint and I want people to see, through my art, what my imprint was.  Because ultimately, when all is said and done and I no longer remain, my images will be a peek into this crazy whirlpool of emotions and actions that we call life.