Dapper Day at Magic Kingdom

If you’re a sucker for nostalgia and Disney, do yourself a favor and visit Magic Kingdom on Dapper Day. Picture yourself standing on Main Street USA, surrounded by hundreds of people dressed in their best early twentieth century garb. Boater hats, tweed, heels, and long dresses, the Dapper Dans are serenading the passing crowds with their Barbershop medleys, you’re instantly teleported to an era time has forgotten. The backdrop of it all is Walt Disney’s ideal recreation of his 1920s Marceline, MO Main Street.  

The vibe at Dapper Day is super happy and photographically speaking, the park takes on a life of it's own.  Golden hour on Main Street brings out these beautifully vibrants colors that contrast perfectly with the brick walls and the creamy white architectural accents.


The bi-annual event takes place at Disneyland and Walt Disney World in both spring and fall, and, if you're lucky enough to visit, they hold a Dapper Day Expo and event at Disneyland Paris as well (#dreams...). For more info, check out dapperday.com

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